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Service Dogs, Trials and Portraits

Reflections by Rohne has photographed dogs in training and service since 2009, and AKC, CPE and other events since January 2017.

Check out our dog photography below, and contact us about your needs and desires.


are dogs with special abilities that have been trained for use to humans.


is an obstacle course through which a handler must be able to lead/guide their dog. Dogs must overcome their fears to be successful, and closely watch their handlers to follow the course correctly.


is a totally different kind of dog event. It is extremely fast paced and intense. I'm not sure who gets more excited, the dog handlers or the dogs! The following series shows from start (training) to near finish for a dog in each event.

Frosty Follies

is a new annual event. The handlers must choreograph and train their dogs to perform with them set to music. The first evening of the event the dogs perform under only a single spotlight.

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