Reflections by Rohne started in 1993 to tell visual love stories to remind our clients of the reason they love who they love, do what they do, are who they are. That's still why Reflections by Rohne exists.

Connie loves her husband, kids, animals, pizza and chocolate, but the order may change from day to day! She also loves art, relationships and quality. She's a perfectionist and has the ability to put all three together to tell who you are and what you do ~ your story. A talented dressmaker, she creates coulture designs for her high school senior and women clients to create artistic images that never become dated.

Connie has a B.S. in photography from the Art Institute, is a member of Professional Photographers of America and has been published in the Knot Magazine, West Michigan Woman's Magazine, Midwest Hardware, Kent County Technical Center and various other business publications.

Josh has been a storyteller since he was two. He learned the art of photography from his grandfather and mother and uses the camera to tell stories. Josh started earning photography awards in his teens and shooting as a photojournalist at weddings. He became a member of Professional Photographers of America in 2015 where he plans to earn his Certified Professional Photographer certification.