I Never Planned To Be A Photojournalist!

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Over the past two months I have had an abundance of photojournalism jobs. During the photojournalism classes I took, I kept thinking I will never use this kind of photography in my wedding and portrait business. I never expected my business to take in business event coverage. You see, these jobs have not been for newspapers or magazines, but rather for InForum, A Women’s Business Alliance, one of my commercial clients. I covered three lunch events where the Women’s Leadership in Michigan Top Public Companies 10th Annual Report was presented and a special speaker interacted in a conversation on the place of women in business today. The three speakers were: In Lansing: Governor Richard Snyder;  in Detroit: Dan Akerson, Chairman of General Motors; and in Grand Rapids: Doug DeVos, President of Amway Corporation.  Conversation with Doug DeVos
At the meeting with Dan Akerson and Governor Snyder there was an abundance of press, and I had to take advantage of my role as official photographer for Inforum to get images I wanted. At the first event, I saw the way the press acted, knew I could never be so rude, and quickly acted so that I could get the image I wanted without being rude. By my request, the governor’s press secretary kept the governor after the press conference just long enough for me to snap a photo of him in front of the Inforum banners. I had to make sure that one quick shot counted!) I learned from this what I needed to do to get the shots I wanted.

The meeting with Dan Akerson was extremely large, with over 1,000 in attendance and camera and newspeople from every major source. I had my zoom lens, so I got down on the floor with the cameramen in front of the tables for some great shots. And knowing those in charge of Inforum, I was ready at the end of the luncheon to grab them and Dan Akerson for a formal shot as they came off the stage. As soon as I was finished, the camera/newspeople were moving in.

I've realized this is an area of challenge and also enjoyable. I just returned from Tennessee where I was able to photograph a K-9 Unit in action. Watch for more on that in another blog.




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