Picture This!

November 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I don’t need a photograph to show you a scene from my Thanksgiving Day. My biggest problem is instead choosing which to show you. So I shall choose the most traditional.

We were all seated around our dining room table. My husband, David, is at the end of the table, I am to his left. John now 26, who towers over me at about 6 foot 5 inches, is to my left. To his left is Johnathan, who just turned 20 . At the far end of the table is Joshua, now 30, who is close in size to John at about 6 foot 2 or 3. Poor Johnathan is also dwarfed between them at only 5 foot 9 inches. Joel is opposite Johnathan. Noah, his son, our almost 2-year old delightful grandson, is between Joel and his mother, Rachael, our wonderful daughter-in-law. To her left, between she and my husband, is Selah, our adorable 3-year old grand-daughter. The grands were ready to eat and thus were taking their parents hands first off to pray so we all joined hands around the table as Joel gave thanks to God for all the blessings He has given us as a family, for Noah and Selah and our expected little Hannah due in March, for all the joys of being a family together. And of course, as brothers are known to do, as we held hands and prayed, Josh and John gripped Johnathan’s hands as tightly as they could. He made no moves nor any sound while we prayed, but after the prayer ended was exuberant for freedom from the bond of brotherhood. This started our non-traditional tradition of an international meal on Thanksgiving Day. This year we enjoyed Mexican cuisine of tortilla soup, 7-layer bean dip with tortilla chips, green chili enchiladas, and finished off with Mexican wedding cake cookies. Of course the day was filled with playing with the grandest kids on earth, them playing with their uncles, and lots and lots of laughter.

What am I most thankful for this year? Family definitely has to top my list. What tops your list of thanksgiving blessings this year?


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