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Last Saturday we took fashion photos out at the beach and then got to play with them. I planned to create Fashion Shoot at Beach a water effect from this image, but I was pleasantly surprised by the liquefy effect in Photoshop. I took shells, and water colored tulle for my model to lay on and in. The image with no post-production was quite satisfying, so I assumed I could really go someplace great with it. I had an image of a lighthouse with its reflection on the water that was slightly rippled, but very calm for Lake Michigan!

(Au Sable Lighthouse, Ludington State Park, Michigan) 

Because I was working on a Lighthouse project, this image worked into my scheme.  By itself it creates a very interesting image, but a lot    of people will wonder what the shadow is along the side.

Placing the water over our model, I lowered the opacity to 66% so that it created a soft watery look over her. Then came the fun. I duplicated my portrait layer first of course to preserve it (don’t forget this step)! Using the Liquify (apparently Adobe doesn’t know how to spell J) tool, found under Filter, I began playing with her hair and the tulle around her. I used varying sized of brush and pressure. The rest, beneath the water layer, was almost like oil on water. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to share.

Have you created anything you couldn’t wait to share? Tell us about it. We get as excited over your work as our own!




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