Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

September 13, 2013  •  2 Comments


Most of you know that I love lighthouses, and I love to photograph them. I just took a Figure/Fashion Photography class. I thought it would help me be more creative in my portrait photography, especially with seniors. I never dreamed where it would take me. About two or three weeks into the class I thought it was going to be the death of me.  It was most definitely the hardest class I have faced in my career. It was also one of the best classes for me. Why, you ask? I am a good portrait and wedding photographer. I am great with lighting my subjects to highlight their faces and expressions, and capturing emotions and images that tell their stories. I have rarely had to create the story or concept I was photographing. I also have never been into photographing fashion. I didn’t know how to make the images about the clothing and not the model. For the first three weeks of class I kept hearing, “they look like portraits,” from the professor. I kept thinking, "DUH, I'M A PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER!"

By the third week of class I was ready to throw in the towel, but my professor kept encouraging me and talking me through ideas. Then I ran into problems with models. At the end of week four I still didn’t believe I was going to be successful in this class or with the final project. Finally the beginning of week five I was able to do the shoot I wanted and needed for my project. It pushed me so far out of my comfort zone.

So to bring you into this fantasy that I was trying to create, let me describe the project. Using tulle of multiple colors, create couture fashion that looked like lighthouses. I challenge each of you to come up with a concept totally beyond normal and try to create a piece of art that shows your concept. Just as my professor encouraged me, think of things that you are really interested in or love (like I love lighthouses and playing with light.) Then think of a new and different way to illustrate it. I did it through fashion, you may want to do it using a different concept.

Here’s some of my lighthouses. Which say couture lighthouse fashion to you the most?

. Lighthouse Fashion- Breakwater Lights

Breakwater Lights

Lighthouse with Daymarker Stripe

Lighthouse with Day-marker Stripe

Lighthouse Fashion-Dual Beamed LightDual Beamed LightDual Beamed Light

Dual Beamed Light

Lighthouse Fashion- Inside the Lantern RoomInside the Lantern RoomInside the Lantern Room

Inside the Lantern Room

A big THANK YOU to Stephanie, my model. I hope to continue more of this project throughout the coming year.



Doris, the concept was very good. The color and contrast matched the imagery to be projected. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a lesson learned for all. Great job!! Continue to impress and awe.
Wow! Very interesting concept and truly beautiful images!
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