Cold Love

February 17, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We had the fun and privilege of shooting winter engagement photos for Mike Petlicke and Kristin Campbell. Their wedding is scheduled for September 13, 2014. Spending time together like this each season is helping us get to know them better AND helping us and them fell comfortable working together in front of and behind the camera. This will help us capture their love story more completely and better on their wedding day. So this is something we do with all our wedding couples.

Photographing in the snow creates unique fun. Tromping through knee deep snow, laying in piles of it, and keeping the lens dry are just a few of the challenges we faced on this shoot. Even though it is cold, there is something heartwarming about playing in the snow. Digital cameras and lighting equipment don't operate well for long periods of time in bitter cold. It was a whopping 17 degrees when we shot these snow photos! The camera functioned fine today, but the batteries in the radio controls for the flash and the flash itself didn't respond very quickly. Persistence and igenuity, however, on a photographer's part, pays off. 

Why was this shoot good for us? We got to see Mike and Kristin having fun, relating to each other, and how the respond to suggestions from us. But even more important than that, we got too see how romantic they are, how fun loving they are, and how willing Mike was to do something for Kristin even though he didn't like it, just to make her happy. What was that? Ice skating. Another thing we learned was what kind of lighting made them look their best. Now on their wedding day we'll know ahead how to light them to bring out their best features and make them look most attractive. And we learned all of that while having fun with them!

Mike and Kristin Winter Engagement PhotosMike and Kristin Winter Engagement PhotosMike and Kristin Winter Engagement Photos


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