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Image by Beth RooseImage by Beth Roose

This past week has been filled with fantasy. I went to Indianapolis and photographed next month's wedding couple at GenCon. I also photographed other characters while I was there. Josh attended the convention with other friends. While there he photographed several also. We will share some of those images in my post tomorrow.

Another assignment this week was to create a fantasy image for another photographer with an image she shot of a model. Here's the image.

Beth asked me to take the model image and "turn it into the figurehead of a old-fashion sail boat like the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria... and give them huge monarch butterfly wings to match  their tulling to act as the sails.. and then the other sails on the ship have" wings like butterflies, similar to "Departure of the Winged Ship" Vladimir Kush.

Everything else used in the photo was either shot by me or created with Photoshop. This was the first time I did a job like this for someone else. It was challenging to see the concept in her mind as compared to the concept I got from the words we shared. I way underestimaged the amount of time that it would take to pull all the parts together, mainly because they didn't exist until we worked our way through the concept. So I learned a lot about talking to someone to understand their concept and be able to visualize it for them.

I don't plan to take one more jobs like this, but I'm sure I will continue to create fantastical images.

What does this image make you think of?

Mysterious MagicFigurehead Butterfly Ship





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