Photographing Children

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RoseAngelRoseAngelGedde style image of infant with butterfly wings on back lying in petals of a rose. Photographing children is so much fun AND fulfilling. It is fun to watch them grow and develop physically and to see their unique personality emerging. Babies are cute as a bug's ear (but how many people look close enough to see how cute bug's ears are anyway). 

We get to see our youngest clients every three months, but once they reach the first year, it slows down to annually. We also get to photograph other family members. Sometimes we also see you at church or around town. It is so nice to be friends with our clients.

Beautiful SonBeautiful SonParents holding newborn son who looks back at their faces. Jamie, a young mother who asked me to photograph her baby, told me a sad story about losing a year old child about three years earlier. She had never gotten professional photos taken. In fact all she had were telephone photos and as she said, they weren't good.

Now she wanted to be sure to document her new son's tiny finger, toes, smiles, developing body, and his unique personality. Make sure you have a visual history worth looking at and sharing over and over again. 

This video describes why we love to photograph children. Enjoy!

Why Do We Photography Children?Here's why Reflections by Rohne photographs children.



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