Take GREAT Photos This Weekend

August 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Got fun plans this holiday weekend? We're going camping with friends. The guys plan to take in some fishing and we girls plan to find some great photo ops. What would you expect from me!?!

Seriously, you can take great photos of your family and friends this weekend too. All you need is great lighting and God provides a perfect light source for us all. The sun! All you need to do is be mindful of where it is. Here's an example.

You see, photographers know a secret that most other people don't. We basically use about four different lighting patterns to create great images. One of them is called loop lighting. It is called loop lighting because the light creates a little loop just to the side and below the person's nose.

Pay attention to where the sun is, especially if it is a bright sunny day. You want the sun in front of but to the side of your subjects, like this little diagram.

As long as the sun is at that angle from your subject's face, you can shoot from any angle and get great lighting. Notice that the angle of the sun (see large pink arrow) creates on the photo. It is about 60 degrees, not 90 directly overhead. This creates the loop just below and to the right of this subject's nose (see green arrow and gold loop). Even if you are photographing inside, remember this same rule applies to your light source.

A second secret that photographers know is about using flash as fill instead of your primary light. As long as the sun is not hidden by clouds, it will always be brighter than your camera's flash. You can get dark shadow if it is too bright, so using a flash will soften shadows. (It will also help balance between sun and shadow if you are under tree branches.) It will also create a little light reflection in your subject's eyes that we photographers call "catch lights". 

How key are these to great photos? They are two ingredients in a photo that judges always look for in images that photographers submit in contests.

So get out there and photograph your friends and family this holiday and enjoy the last few days of summer. But remember, great expressions make the best photos! So enjoys lots of fun and laughter. 

See you after the holiday weekend!



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