Beautiful Outdoor Weddings

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If you plan an outdoor wedding, you have to be prepared to deal with the weather. If you need everything to be perfect, an outdoor wedding may not be a good idea. While the weather may cooperate, be prepared to go with the flow or have a backup plan that you will love also.

Connie Rohne, Photographer

We recently photographed a destination wedding in Ventura, California. The evening before we visited the park site and enjoyed a marvelous sunset.

Connie Rohne, Photographer The next morning it was pouring rain but we hoped it would clear in time to set up for the 3:00 wedding. The sun came out around 1:00 and with it came wind. Everything dried up nicely. The chairs and sound equipment were all set up for the ceremony. As we prepared to photograph the ceremony we realized we had to brace ourselves and camera to get images without shake blur. Flowers blew off their stands, bridesmaid dresses flapped, hairstyles gave way. At least the bride was facing into the wind because her waist long hair flew straight behind her most of the ceremony.  Connie Rohne, Photographer

The sound system could not be heard over the wind, so we just assumed what was said. The ceremony was cut short as possible, moving some planned elements to the indoor reception. All wedding portraits were cancelled at the site due to the wind, opting rather for a central patio at the Spanish mission where the reception would be. Even there, surrounded by building, the wind was still an issue.

Connie Rohne, Photographer Doris Long, Photographer The only posed image taken at the ceremony site was the wedding couple. As I staged them for the shot, my co-photographer yelled, "Connie, look out!" I turned just in time to see a six-foot diameter tumbleweed headed straight at me. I jumped out of the way, and as I did she caught this image of it passing them. I turned and caught an image of it at the end of the front row where just five minutes before all the parents and grandparents had been seated.

Sparklers had been planned for the reception exit, but the wind prohibited that idea. Instead the couple was ushered through an indoor people tunnel so they could run through they wind to their car.

Connie Rohne, Photographer Connie Rohne, Photographer

Despite all the disappointments of the day, they are just as married as if the weather had been perfect. Perhaps we didn't get some of the picturesque images we expected, but the images we got created a story that no other couple will ever have to tell. 

Connie Rohne, Photographer




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