Why Should You Have a Wedding Coordinator?

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Your wedding day will be one of the most emotional and memorable days of your life. You want to be able to enjoy every detail of it. However, if you are responsible for the details on your wedding day, you will be too busy making sure everything is done right and cared for, that you won't be able to relax enough to enjoy your special day.

Weddings are complex events. Details include preparation, a ceremony event, a party event, and exit plans and first night and honeymoon details. Details include clothing and accessories, flowers, transportation, music, traditions, food, personnel, guests, vendors, decor, and much more.  

A wedding coordinator can ensure your wedding day will be a dream come true rather than a nightmare. Whether hired or volunteer, you want an organized, managerial person who will be responsible for all the details on your wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy your wedding, family and friends. Do not expect to deal with details and be relaxed. Do not make a close family member or friend that will want to be involved in your wedding activities your wedding coordinator. 

Connie Rohne, Photographer I photographed a wedding last year that the bride had planned so carefully, even creating a detailed manual of events. On the day of the wedding she was still the "go to" person to answer questions. She was so stressed she cried through the pre-ceremony preparations and most of the wedding. When a wedding coordinator is on the job, every question can be directed to that person rather than the bride.


Connie Rohne, Photographer There are three choices when you consider a wedding planner. Do you want/need:

• a full-service planner who will plan every detail (getting your approval on everything)

• someone to choose your wedding location and vendors

• a day-of coordinator (who will actually be involved with you for the last month before your wedding)

The first two will most likely be hired, the third could be. If you are considering hiring a wedding planner, here's a good guide to help select one.

Should you select a friend/family member to be a day-of coordinator, select someone you feel comfortable with knowing personal details; someone you trust; someone who understands and supports your wedding vision, theme, dream. Remember, do not choose a family member or friend who will want to participate in the activities/details of your day. It needs to be someone who will enjoy your wedding as a onlooking worker. Consider these questions. Will this person work within your budget?  Do you have enough history with this person to know and feel comfortable with they way he/she works? Do your personalities work together well? Do you trust this person to make instant decisions that will carry out your plans?

How do you work with this person to get prepared for your wedding? It is all about organization. Hopefully MONTHS before the wedding, you start working with a wedding planning guide, a book or online. Your wedding coordinator can use this planning guide to complete and fulfill your wedding plans. The last month before your wedding, schedule several meetings to go through details. The first meeting you, the bride, will be sharing these details. By the final week before your wedding your coordinator will be the one to answer questions and share all these details. At your rehearsal and on your wedding day, your coordinator will ensure your day is the fulfillment of all your wedding day dreams.



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