Why Choose Reflections by Rohne

as Your Wedding Photographers?

We are storytellers who are photographers. ~ Never forget the details of your love story. 


"One of my favorite photos from my wedding is the image of my mother holding my hands and looking at me before the ceremony. She died 17 months after my wedding and to have that image speaks volumes to me. Her expressions says, "I am so pleased with who you are, the woman you've become, and the joy of being your mother." All these years later I still choke up when I see and think about it.

Recently I posted several photos from college on facebook to share with friends. It was fun hearing so many remember things stirred by the photos. One of the interesting comments that came from this was, "I don't remember that at all." Those memories are pressed into my mind because I have seen these images over and over since graduation, while my facebook college buddies haven't seen them since college. My memories remain intact. Their memories of these moments are gone. The same is true about your wedding day memories. Photos stir and preserve your memories. No photos and the memories face away into vague and indistinguishable shadows. However, book us as your photographers and you don't need to worry about forgetting the details of your love story."  (~Connie Rohne, Relationship Photographer) 

Mirror, MirrorMirror, MirrorBride's anticipation just before wedding.

"As far back as I can remember, I've always been a storyteller, intrigued by stories around me. As I learned the art of photography from my grandfather and mother I realized I could use the camera to tell stories. A favorite picture I captured is this bride in those last few moments before the ceremony. It tells a hundred stories to a hundred people, but a very special one to her. The goal of my photographs is for people to see a story in their mind, whether it is the actual story or one created from their own experience.  

That is what drives us as photographers. We want to capture your precious relationships so that you can relive those feelings. We are storytellers who are photographers."  (~Josh Rohne, Photojournalist)


Why do you want us as your wedding photographers? 

  • Our passion is capturing emotions
  • We get to know you to tell your story
  • We're extremely knowledgeable about weddings and photography
  • We're a well synced team!
  • Our brides and grooms love us: "Connie and Josh are great at seeing the moment and capturing it in a picture. The pictures we have are beautiful and help us to remember special moments on our wedding day and even before with the pictures taken for the guest book."  ~ Jeff & Peggy, Grand Rapids, MI


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