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“Connie and Josh were amazing. They captured beautiful images and really had an artist's eye. Everyone is amazed with our photos. They were very easy to work with and it was a pleasure having them as our photographers!” ~ Melissa, Sterling Heights

“Connie did a layout of our work that was absolutely beautiful. Three different weddings in a “coffee table” book form, that our clients love. She surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend her for corporate of personal events.” ~ Nance Neville, Creative Events, Grand Rapids, MI

“Connie is a talented professional providing a quality product and service. I have never had a question with the quality and integrity of her work. Would recommend her highly!” ~ Mark, Belleville

“I love the service! Connie always arrives early and ready to work when we need her. She has a positive attitude that is great!” ~Phyllis, Ada

 “Connie is a skilled photographer that produces attractive photos at a very reasonable price. Her top qualities include great results, good value and creativity.”  ~ Nate, Fort Wayne, IN

“My husband and I were very pleased with the services Reflections by Rohne offered. We still enjoy looking at our photos and cherish each moment captured. We have continued with her services for our growing family. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Rachael, Grand Rapids

“Reflections by Rohne was very professional and captured all of the perfect moments from our big day. Not only did they capture great photos of the ceremony, but they were there from start to finish to capture everything from the anticipation of getting ready to the excitement of the reception.” ~ Stephanie, High Ridge

“Very unique pictures, and very rapid turnaround time from when we ordered until the time we received our portraits. The photographers were able to follow me around the entire day and capture memories of my whole day. I was very impressed with the professionalism and would definitely recommend them to others!” ~ Elizabeth, Fenton

“Wow! I must say, I'm really impressed by the picture you sent us! That's exactly the type of photos we're looking for! I'm really excited. Thanks again! Nice work!” Meggie, Grand Rapids

“They spent plenty of time with us, took nice romantic photos, and went above and beyond in so many things! We were very happy with their service. Their first priority is clearly to provide great service and photos and memories, not just to have a business. Connie and team were professional yet down to earth and personal. She produced a beautiful, romantic wedding photo album that we are all pleased with. She went the extra mile for us in many ways, and did quite a lot for the price, including lovely and creative engagement photos. She's a whiz with Photoshop. Also knows lots of little wedding tips like how to iron a silk wedding dress quickly at the last minute. We are very happy we hired Reflections by Rohne and highly recommend them.” Ramona, Hawaii

“I loved the service! My professional head shot is very flattering and perfect for an e-mail signature and LinkedIn profile photo.”  ~Mary, Grand Rapids

 “I selected her business from a maze of potential photographers on the internet. The questions I had were answered on the web-page. I looked at 10-15 sites before selecting hers. My wife and I are not the traditional bride and groom, we are mature, previously married people so we didn't need to do the "perfect" thing but Connie made it special for us. She had great ideas that were acceptable to both of us and insisted on pre-wedding "shoots" that we both rolled our eyes at but it was the perfect thing. She put together a guest book for the reception with these pictures that our guests enjoyed looking at. Not all of our guests knew us before our wedding so it was a nice warm-up for them to see. Connie is great at seeing the moment and capturing it in a picture. She is wonderful at putting theme pictures together without having to be told how to do it. The pictures we have are beautiful and help us to remember that special moment on our wedding day and even before with the pictures taken for the guest book. She picked the  perfect venues for the pre-wedding pictures too which told a story of the city where we live. She captured the beauty of our flowers that day which were exceptional and without them they would be a faded memory. She is diligent and won't stop until she has the perfect job. I(we) recommend her highly you won't be disappointed.” Jeff and Peggy, Grand Rapids


Beautiful pictures and someone so pleasant to be around...great combination.” Ellen, Bluffton

“FANTASTIC! AMAZING! EVERY TIME!   posted on the Knot.com 2014-10-01  As the day progressed and many items were delayed or confused the photographer remained calm collected and saved the day even. My highest recommendations for this photographer. We booked multiple years out with her and are so glad we guaranteed her services. Her experience and expertise came in handy and went over so well that the whole day was nicely put together thanks to her work. Huge praise there. As the numerous family photos were being taken she was collected, she organized the people, took the shot and moved on quickly as all our feet were sore from moving around. She was patient and kind and direct. I never felt like time was wasted, we could ask for the strangest photos and she'd try to make them happen. She as well got to try a few fun things that were interesting to see. Her professionalism was so appreciated and her presence made the day go by smoother.  She's my recommendation all the way....”   ~KristenDetroit

I loved the service! The pictures from my retirement party turned out great. I appreciated that the photos were taken in a way that was unobtrusive yet caught those special moments I will cherish for a lifetime.” ~Bill, Ada

“I loved the service! You do great things with my older photos or touch ups.” ~Karen, Huntington

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you!!”  ~Charlie, Grand Rapids

“I loved the service! The photographer is really great!” ~David, Grand Rapids

“Connie was a great photographer. Additionally, they took great photos and were always there to capture any scene that would make a great photo (and even help with seamstress problems that no one else could solve).”  ~Mike, Auburn Hills

“Lots of good pictures to capture the moments of time together.”  ~Janice, Fort Wayne

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