Creative Couture by Connie

Peach Duchess Satin Strapless Gown

This is a two piece peach duchess satin strapless gown with tulle bodice wrap. The bodice closes with snaps/hooks. Skirt has drawstring. Fits most sizes. Circular skirt, great for billowy imagery. Can also have tucks in it. It also works with large petticoat. (First 2 images have tucks and petticoat, last three no petticoat or tucks.) Bodice wrap shown in three different styles, limited only by your imagination.


Cost to Purchase   Cost to Rent

$375-$425 approximately. Dress takes 10 yards of 60" wide satin and 6 of tulle fabric. $7/yard for poly satin is $70, plus 6 yards tulle at $5/yard is $30, or approximately $100 total. At $10/yard for satin cost is $100 plus tulle cost of $7/yard is $42, totaling $142. I look for fabric to fit your desires and then provide you with a final cost.

A payment of 50% is due BEFORE fabric is purchased. Once gown is completed and images are provided, final payment is due before shipping. 

Production time is 3-4 weeks between November and March. April to October production time is 5-6 weeks. 


3 days ~ $75

5 days ~ $100

Retail Price: $375

Refundable Security Deposit of 75% of retail: $280

Accident Insurance ~ $25. We understand that accidents happen. This insurance fee covers minor accidents like small rips, missing beads, or stuck zippers. Significant damage and theft are not covered. If the item is damaged beyond repair or not returned, you will be charged the full retail price for the item. This does not cover late fees or irreversible damage. See our terms & conditions for more details.

Please contact me with a call and the forms for purchasing this style of dress.      I would like to rent this dress. Please contact me with a call and the forms.