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Service Dogs, Trials and Portraits

Agility Trials     Search & Rescue     Service Dogs

Reflections by Rohne has photographed dogs in training and service since 2009. We offer several show specials of prints, products and digital images for dog trials.


Personalized Photo Session 

at the Well Mannered Dog Center

Kathryn Snider has graciously agreed to let us use the arena any time it is not scheduled. We can photograph your dog on the agility equipment until we get perfect images. We can also do posed shots of you and your dog(s) with or without their trophies. Check the WMDog calendar and then email me with a couple date/time options. Cost for session: 1 person and dogs: $100 for session and a 16x20 collage, a $225 value. 2017 Special, join together with up to 4 friends (5 total) and your dogs and split a multi-person session (~2 hours) fee of $150 and everyone gets a 11x14 collage, (a $425 value). 


Shelf Ornaments

Two sided (two images) with or without printed info, in porcelain or metal, just $25. 

Events at Well Mannered Dog Center  

(All images are loaded chronologically so you will need to scroll through to see all your images. Save them in a favorites folder and you can look at them separately.)

      December 17-2017 CPE Trials

      December 16-2017 CPE Trials

     December 10, 2017 Santa Photos

     November 12, 2017 Run Riot Flyball Competition

     November 11, 2017 Run Riot Flyball Competition

     PAWS CPE Dog Trials, November 5, 2017

     PAWS CPE Dog Trials, November 4, 2017

     AKC Dog Trials, October 22, 2017

     AKC Dog Trials, October 21, 2017

     AKC Dog Trials, September 17, 2017

     AKC Dog Trials, September 16, 2017

      July 16, 2017, CPE, PAWS

      July 15, 2017, CPE, PAWS

      June 3, 2017 UKC Grand Rapids, Day 1 AM Only

      May 21, 2017 CPE Grand Rapids, Day 2

      May 20, 2017  CPE Grand Rapids, Day 1      

      AKC Dog Trials, April 2, 2017

      AKC Dog Trials, April 1, 2017

      AKC Dog Trials, March 31, 2017

      AKC Dog Trials, March 19, 2017

      AKC Dog Trials, March 18, 2017

      AKC Dog Trials, March 17, 2017

      Frosty Dog Follies, March 10-12

      February 26, 2017  CPE Grand Rapids, Day 3

      February 25, 2017  CPE Grand Rapids, Day 2

      February 24, 2017  CPE Grand Rapids, Day 1

      February 5, 2017 AKC Agility Trials, Day 3

      February 4, 2017 AKC Agility Trials, Day 2

      February 3, 2017 AKC Agility Trials, Day 1


If you want to order images from multiple galleries, create a client account so that you can use the Favorites Feature. This will make it easier to look at all the images before you make your final purchase. The Favorites List is then stored in your account. You will then be able to access your Favorites from any web browser just by logging in to your account.

Throughout the day, as time at all shows allows, you may be photographed with your dog, ribbons/awards and judges as available. 

At some events we will set up our studio for actual portraits. We will post on facebook when this will be available so make sure to follow us.

Images are available for purchase by clicking on the BUY button. There are options for prints from 4x6 inches to 16x20. Collages are also available, as well as some specialty items. I can sell you framed images, or I suggest you check out sources such as

SHIPPING/DELIVERY: To save you shipping, you may pick up your products from my studio or I can deliver them to Well Mannered Dog Center for you to pick up. Local orders (in Grand Rapids) over $75, I will deliver to you. If you prefer direct ship, minimal shipping fees will be added. 

If you have questions, use the form below or call Connie because often it is much easier to be understood in a conversation than emails! You can reach us at 616-881-2894.