Why Hire a PRO?

Do you prefer to listen to a video, or read the facts? Following are two videos with lots of great info why you should hire a professional photographer. Below that are written reasons why to hire a pro.








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Real Facts

While the names and locations change, real and unfortunate wedding photography horror stories happen all the time.


“My friend is great at photography and has a really expensive camera and we’ll have her take our wedding photos to save money. She said she’d do it free.”

While your friend may be good, here are some reasons to choose a pro. An amateur doesn’t have the following:

  1. The knowledge and experience to use manual settings where the operator has complete control based on different lighting scenarios. A wedding or event photographer usually has 2-3 seconds to adjust settings on the fly, anymore and they usually miss something.
  2. The knowledge of how a camera reads and interprets light and the ability to harness light both inside and outside the camera. In most situations this comes from the photographer’s past experience and not from camera readings.
  3. The foresight to know what equipment might be needed and be prepared with it on hand and ready to access. Most photographers check out the venue and lighting prior to an event to know what to expect and be prepared.
  4. Clothing and carrying cases needed to always have necessary equipment and accessories on self at all times. Sometimes this means having a knowledgeable assistant present.
  5. Experience capturing once in a lifetime momentary occasions so that you're in the right place at the right time and it is not only documented but shows the subjects most attractively.
  6. The energy to work non-stop for 12 plus hours without breaks. This is a wedding photographer's job. We work as a team, staggering breaks during non-crucial moments throughout the day, so that one of us is always on duty ready to capture whatever moment happens.
  7. The ability to control light, to create uniquely lit scenes with natural light, augment natural light with your own equipment, or create the light you want with your own. This is a skill that comes from study, training and experience. Controlling light is impossible unless you have experience using equipment necessary to shoot in every possible lighting situation.
  8. Experience working with people, guiding and directing large groups to create attractive formal poses rather than a snapshot of a group of people. Professional wedding photographers’ personality, tactfulness and experience gives them the ability to work with people even when difficult relationships exist, to make them feel comfortable in group poses.
  9. Knowledge and ability to use difficult and creative focusing techniques.
  10. Knowing how to avoid facial issues that ruin photos such as blinking, awkward expressions, and glasses glare.
  11. Knowing how to pose people to look more attractive.
  12. Knowing how to quickly and naturally pose a couple to elicit natural emotions and create romantic poses.

There is so much more than this that a person needs to know to take professional quality wedding photographs from start to finish.

There are a lot of areas in your wedding budget that you can save money, wedding photography should not be one of them. If you want to have professional quality and creative imagery of your wedding day that will be timeless heirlooms, you need a professional wedding photographer.

If you choose your wedding photographer based on budget, as is the case with most of our clients, choose quality over products. We, like most studios, can customize your package to fit your budget, but choose based on the ability of and quality you will get from your photographers, rather than the final product. Choose to have two photographers rather than one. If necessary, forgo the gorgeous album and large wall art for now. We understand that newlyweds are often on a budget as they are starting their new lives together. So wait on the products until later in your life. Three, four, even five years from now when your family is well established, go ahead and order those large prints and a nicer album. Better to wait to buy gorgeous product than to have low quality photography that no amount of money can make into a decent imagery. You can always order products later, you can never order better quality and more creative imagery.

(Credit to Pye Jirsa and Justin and Christ Lin for pulling together much of the previous information)

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