7 Ingredients to Create a Fairytale Wedding

Wedding Couple Kissing After CeremonyKiss MeAfter Ceremony Kiss Do you follow tradition or do you tend to blaze your own path? Every bride is faced with this question when it comes to planning her fairytale wedding. And while you may face pressure from friends or family to make one choice or another, try to remember that your wedding day is whatever you make of it.

You have the ability to create your own fairytale, and that’s one of the reasons your wedding day may be the biggest and best day of your life. It’s your story, so consider what appeals to you in each of these seven chapters of your fairytale wedding.

1. It’s all about the dress!

Your story begins with this iconic garment. What will make you feel like the bride you’ve always dreamed of being? Is it a flowing sundress, a formal gown complete with train and veil, or peaceful lace? Maybe your story’s more modern and the idea of a strapless trumpet-style dress interests you. Or perhaps you want to step away altogether and try a new color. Ingredient 1 is your time to decide on your dream dress.

2. Where are the glass slippers?

How will you walk down the aisle? Stiletto heels and ballet flats are both popular, but sneakers allow you to be reception ready, and cowgirl boots make a statement if a western-themed wedding is more your style. Can’t decide? Maybe you just want to go barefoot and leave the slipper on the pillow.

California Dream WeddingCalifornia Dream WeddingWedding overlooking Pacific Ocean in Ventura, California 3. You will be married at...

What is the setting for your fairytale wedding? Is it in your church, a hotel or a museum? Or does the story take you and your guests to a destination wedding where the breeze blows through a country barn or off the ocean as you and your partner profess your love with the sand between your toes.

4. How will you celebrate?

What’s a ceremony without a party that brings all your friends and family together to celebrate your big day? The location you choose for this memorable party is a great way to inject your own sense of style. Do you prefer a formal dinner or a buffet? Backyard BBQ or dance the night away? It’s all up to you. You may even opt for a simple dinner for two, just you and your prince charming.

5. The sweetest treat!

What’s a wedding reception without a wedding cake? Will your fairytale wedding showcase your creativity with a homemade or tiered cake, or does it highlight your ingenuity with cupcakes, a dessert bar or pie?

Rolls Royce WeddingRolls Royce WeddingDestination Wedding in Ventura, CA with transportation by Rolls Royce. 6. Your carriage awaits.

How will people see you off when you head into the sunset? A horse and carriage are the stuff of traditional fairy tales, while limousines and luxury cars are their more modern equivalents. You could also look for unconventional carriages that lack four wheels or legs. Perhaps a motorcycle is more your thing or you’ve always dreamed of floating up toward that sunset in a hot air balloon.

7. Your fairy tale honeymoon begins in…

Where will the next chapter of your fairytale wedding take place? Europe? Disney World? A tropical island? How about a log cabin or a series of outdoor adventures? Your honeymoon represents the thrilling conclusion to your wedding story; make sure it’s an end worth remembering.

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