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I'm a Professional Photographer of America Photographer.I'm a PPA Photographer.Reflections by Rohne photographer, Connie Rohne, is a member of Professional Photographers of America. With technical and artisitic ability, we create amazing senior photos for you.

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Time for you to shine.

Your senior year ~ your time to shine! Why settle for traditional poses or look like all the rest? Instead, why not show and share amazingly different images?

As professional photographers, we'll capture your personality, your activities and your interests with photos you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family, and we'll make some amazing art creations that will NEVER get outdated. You’ll be glad you chose us to capture these moments.

High School Senior Portraits in Grand Rapids MI 
Want to look great? Schedule your senior photo consultation now.Natural light or Studio Lighting, we'll make your senior photos look amazing. Fun poses, fun backgrounds, fun location, fun opportunities. Schedule your appointment today.

High School Senior Photography, Kentwood MIOn Location Senior PortraitsOn location sessions make fun and amazing images. We have a list of spots or you can suggest your own.

 It's your time to shine.

High School Senior Photography in Grand Rapids MIRed and BlueWhat are your best and most distinctive features? Reflections by Rohne will creatively show you and them to the world.

This is YOUR time! Senior portraits are a rite of passage—they will set you apart and feature your personality and talents. So, you have a BIG decision to make… how will you choose your senior portrait photographer?

Questions to Ask A PhotographerQuestions to Ask A PhotographerBefore you hire your photographer, you need to know some important information. Ask there questions. Tips to get the Senior Photos you want.Tips to get the Senior Photos you want.Reflections by Rohne offers tips to help you in your planning and making your senior photo experience perfect.

Personalized High School Senior PhotographyYou don't want your photos to look like everyone else's. We make your photos reflect your personality and interests.

Used to be a high school senior could look forward to a traditional portrait – girls wearing a black drape, guys in a classic tuxedo. (Actually there still are a few schools that require them, but thankfully NOT in around Grand Rapids.) Times have changed, and we don’t shoot your grandma’s senior portrait!

A professional senior portrait session is an opportunity to highlight your interests and accomplishments, personality and good looks. We are photographic storytellers who create beautifully lit portraits that capture relationships, emotions, and fashion for the modern man or woman who love dramatic artistry. With our years of expertise, we create a fun model-like experience, making our clients feel like "stars." We make your photography experience a highlight of your senior year!

Professional High School Senior Portraits in Grand Rapids MI
Bigger Than LifeHollywood Glamour Style Photos aren't just for women.   Senior Photography in Grand Rapids MIRedSenior Portraits in Studio. Fun with Lighting.

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