Planning for Your Wedding

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You only have one chance to make your wedding day all that you want it to be. Here's some helpful advice as you plan that will ensure your day turns out perfect!

As our clients, we want you to be educated about everything you should expect, everything you should do, and everything you should get from your photographer. That's why we want you to visit our wedding informational pages listed below. Even if you don't book with us, this info will help make your wedding day better and more enjoyable.  

Many young girls dream about the day they'll get married. As you near that day, you can make sure that your grown-up dreams are realized. Check out 7 Ingredients for a Fairytale Wedding.

After your wedding day is over, the only thing you have to remind you of it all will be your wedding photos. For sure you don't want to come home from your honeymoon to find out there's something wrong with yours.  Here's tips to make ensure you hire the right photographer for your wedding.

Do you know how much time will be needed to get the kind of wedding photographs that you desire? Your professional photographer should help you design a wedding day timeline to get all those special moments. Some will happen without you realizing, for others you will need to schedule time. Our photo timeline will help you know what to expect.  


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