Because each wedding is unique, we cannot identify an exact photography timeline, but you should consider these things when planning your wedding day schedule. Some of these times may sound long but remember these three things: time on your day will pass faster than normal, most weddings run slightly behind schedule, and our photo sessions will be fun parts of your day so they’ll seem short. We will discuss with you what you want photographed before the wedding day. Planning times for specific shoots will be determined by how much coverage is desired:

  • preparation (hair salon, dressing, jewelry/boutonnieres, etc.)
  • seeing each other before the ceremony (first meeting shoot, all posed images before the ceremony)
  • not seeing each other prior to ceremony (separate only shoots prior to ceremony; combined shoot after ceremony)
  • reception coverage (main events only or entire duration; photo booth-whole time/just during open dancing)
  • romance photo session at wedding venue, or
  • separate location romance photo session (day of, or day before/after)

We can help you plan.



We photograph most of the details of your wedding day without you even being aware. You may see us in the background busy with a camera, and occasionally we ask you to stop for a few seconds so we can capture some detail.  These details include your dress, jewelry, shoes, bouquets, décor, food, venue and the other details of the day.



45 minutes


Preparation includes hair salon/barber, make-up, massage, dressing details, putting on jewelry and/or boutonnieres, etc. These are great images of fun interaction and emotion with your family and friends. Most of this is just done while you are in the process, but occasionally we’ll stop you to get a special natural pose image. Please add 45 minutes* to your time plan for this photography. Your lead photographer, Connie, will be with the bride during this time. Your second shooter, Josh, will be with the groom and his family or friends.

*Say you plan 1 hour at the salon, 20 minutes for travel to the church, 45 minutes for dressing and 15 minutes of spare time. Please add 45 minutes to the total time so that photography can squeeze in around it all. The more time you have, the more fun you will have and which will show in your images. While guys don’t need an hour to get dressed, tons of great moments happen during this time. (This is also a built in safety if things start to run behind schedule, for which weddings are notorious.)



30 minutes

Individual portraits are part of your story. Two individuals becoming one, united in spirit, in body, in heart and love. These portraits show your personalities, your values, your dreams that you bring to your union. If you are not seeing one another prior to the wedding, we’ll do your individual portraits immediately after preparations are completed. Some will still be in your dressing suite. Depending on suitability, we may choose to complete the rest in your hotel suite, venue lobby, or venue garden before the wedding ceremony. If you choose a separate location shoot, we’ll shoot most of them during that time. Plan on 30 minutes.



Approximately 45 minutes

The first look (for couples who will see each other prior to the ceremony) is a special time created for their first glimpse of one another in wedding attire. A time, that normally happens as the bride walks down the aisle, is given even more excitement because the couple has the opportunity to respond to one another, which is not possible during their wedding ceremony. The first look might only take 5 or 10 minutes, but we use the rest of the time to capture amazing relationship portraits that show more of your emotions and personal story. This is an important time to get those relational images.



Approximately 30 minutes

Your wedding party consists of some of the most important people in your life. Your wedding party photographs should be creative and fun and show how special these relationships through poses and expressions that describe your relationships.

We’ll include some poses that are somewhat more traditional, get shots of you and each of your attendants, and end with some really fun creative images. Wedding Party Photos will take around 30 minutes, 45 with a larger wedding party.




Approximately 30 minutes

Happily Ever AfterHappily Ever AfterWedding Couple in Car after reception

To whom is your wedding important and who attends? Your family and close friends. Formal portraits capture everyone looking their best, which is an expression of how important you and your wedding are to them.

  • Immediate family portraits should be taken right after the ceremony if done in the ceremony venue. If taken in a different location they should be taken prior to the reception, whether before the ceremony or not
  • If there are elderly or invalid people attending your wedding to be included in photos, we do them immediately after the ceremony while we’re sure these special people are there.
  • Understanding the process and keeping everyone organized makes this smooth and easy. No matter where photos are taken, our normal process is to work from the largest group down, so we move people as little as possible and get parents/hosts to the reception quickly. For larger families/weddings, it is very helpful to have someone from each side of the family assigned to help round people up. (We provide directions of who’s on next.)
  • If you want a picture with all your guests, we plan it into your day according to the best location for it. (For example, immediately after ceremony, during reception, or just before couple exits.)   
  • Plan on 2-3 minutes per group on average.  For example, if you have 10 groups, schedule in a 30-minute time slot. Always over plan rather than under plan on time.
  • Remember that some groups lend themselves to casual images shot at the reception rather than formal arrangements.



Approximately 20-60 minutes

Wedding PanoramaWedding PanoramaWedding in large church Ceremony under the WillowCeremony under the WillowWedding Ceremony under Willow Tree by Spring Lake

We cover the processional and recessional with flash photography. Coverage of the ceremony is natural lighting except in special circumstances. During the processional one photographer will be in the aisle at the front with another near the entry door. During the ceremony we may move around to get the best and most creative shots, but never interfere with the sanctity, intimacy, and privacy of your wedding ceremony. This includes videography as well.



Approximately 60-90 minutes

Love and HappinessLove and HappinessCouple having fun between ceremony and reception

  Comfortable in Your LoveComfortable in Your LoveWedding Couple relaxing on couch Kiss MeKiss MeCouple in naturally posed kiss

This is the best session of our wedding packages. Our special Romance Session quickly moves you through amazing romantic poses which show your passion, unique personalities, and make you look more stunning than you ever dreamed possible. Our most creative images come out of these sessions. This is time for just the bride and groom and your photographers. This session can be as sensual or relaxed as mskes you feel comfortable.

Italian RomanceItalian RomanceCouple on Vatican Stairs Sunlit AvenueSunlit AvenueWedding Couple under umbrella in Holly Michigan Sunset LoveSunset LoveCouple at Lake Michigan Wedding Get Me to the Church On TimeGet Me to the Church On TimeChurch with open doors and ceremony in progress.

The location can be a grandiose private residence, a quaint bed and breakfast, a city-scape, a beautiful park, a beautiful garden, or the beach. Plan on 60 to 90 minutes for this session plus travel time. The timing of this is dependent upon the location and time of the wedding. Is your reception someplace amazing but you don't have time for a separate session? Save 20-30 minutes so we can sneak out and capture a few great shots. We know you need to be a great host. Often these images allow us to catch the sunset or beautiful city sights. This works best right after you eat or after your special dances during the open floor dancing, or just before you leave. .




While a lot of photographers like to take images of the reception venue before anyone arrives and enters, we prefer to photograph it in use. We still capture the detail and beauty of the reception venue, with guests in the images. This gives a realistic picture with more meaning and what it looks like during your reception, and adds no time to your day



1 to 4 hours


The reception is the celebration of your new union. It should look as fun and festive in your images as venue before anyone arrives and enters. We capture all the important moments and catch lots of fun candid moments. We shoot the important events (cake, bouquet, first dances, etc.) or through the evening, your choice. We usually capture table shots with all guests but of course you choose whether or not you want them in your album. Other options for candid moments and table shots is a photo booth. (Info here.)


Contact Connie now to discuss your wedding plans and photography needs.