Wedding Ceremony shot from outside front of church.Wedding ChapelWedding Ceremony in progress inside church. Photographer walked outside to take shot.

Bride and Groom beside Rolls RoyceRiding in StyleBride and Groom beside Rolls Royce, couple reflections in hood of car. We are photographers. We are photographic storytellers who create beautifully lit portraits that capture relationships, emotions, and fashion for the modern family woman, man or couple who love dramatic artistry. With our years of expertise, we create a fun model-like experience, making our clients feel like "stars." We make your photography experience a highlight of your wedding story, senior year or family life.

So what is your story? We want to tell it through images.

For our wedding couples, we start by creating engagement photos that show your personality. These sessions help us get to know you so on your wedding day, we can tell your love through images that show who you are and what’s important to you. We create a custom package that fits you, your needs and desires. We help you plan your wedding day photography based on your desires and our experience. We use our artistry to capture each memory. Afterward, we deliver your images in quality products for you to enjoy, treasure and share with all your family and friends.

For seniors, we find out what interests you, and incorporate that into images that show off your best features and personality. We also want you to have a blast, so we create amazing fun photo sessions you'll never forget!

For families, we not only get great looking portraits, but we capture your family personality through fun activities, whether that's horseshoes in the back yard, fun in the pool, or running down the beach at Lake Michigan.

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By the time your products have all been delivered, our hope is that we will have created a friendship that will continue throughout our lifetimes. We want you to know that we are always available to you, to answer questions, put you at ease, or create a new and exciting portrait. We want to be your lifetime photographers, and for that we know we must earn your trust and respect. Only then will we enjoy the privilege of watching your love blossom, settle in a new home, greet a new family member, or launch a new career. We want to be there for you throughout your life, helping you capture special emotions, moments and memories.

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