First of all, It's fun!

Imagine capturing every stage of your child’s first year – from newborn
(2 to 10 days old) through your child’s first birthday! It’s amazing!


Connie Rohne has 45 years of working with children and 25 years experience
photographing children of all ages. Her skill, patience and personality allows
her to capture those priceless expressions and developments throughout the year
and unless you’re thrilled – you don’t pay her!


The Lil’ Blessings Baby Plan was designed after years of listening to her clients
desires and concerns. It is hugely popular for a reason – people love it !


Here’s how it works:
Once we have you signed up, we schedule your sessions, and prepare you
on what to expect and what to bring. Depending on which package you have, the
Baby Plan may include a Maternity Session, Newborn (2 to 10 days) session,
and six week Mommy/Daddy and Me session.
(If you’re not sure, just ask us what is included in your package!)


The Maternity, Newborn and 6 week Mommy and Me sessions are NOT included on
the finished Gallery Wrap panel, and if you’d like portraits from these sessions,
they will be available for purchase at the discounted Baby Plan prices.


The 3, 6, 9 and 12 month sessions ARE included on the baby panel. Some
people choose to do only these four sessions, however many take advantage
of the full package – it’s up to you! The Little Miracles Baby
Plan price varies with whether you start at Maternity, or 3 months.


About week to ten days after each session type, you come back in for a fun
premiere – of your baby’s portraits! You and whomever else would like to come
in get to see all of the wonderful images, and select the image for your Baby Panel
from that age. At the end of the year, we print your matted print panel OR
canvas wrap 8×24”, (depending on your package) with the four images on it
that you selected throughout the year. It’s awesome!
The panel has 3, 6, 9, and 12 months all together in one gorgeous presentation!


May I order more that day? Of course! You’ll pick your favorite poses from each
session, and if you want to order, you place it that day – there’s no pressure
to order, it’s totally up to you! Our Little Miracle Baby Plan prices ARE 25%
less than our regular family portrait prices. Our price list is VERY flexible
so you can get just what you need and want, and no portraits left over.
These are gorgeous fully retouched portraits – the good stuff! In 21 days you’ll
be loving your finished portraits!


Sounds good but what if I don’t like something? NO problem, we’ll gladly fix,
rephotograph or refund – you cannot lose. It’s why we have been around for
35 years and photograph hundreds of babies and children every year.


If you haven’t yet called and signed up – please do – our times availability
is VERY limited, to four (4) new babies a month. Call 616-881-2894 today!


Please, if you have ANY questions about how this all works, call me and I’ll be
glad to answer all of your questions. I work hard to make sure you are thrilled
and tell your friends

“Wow! I must say, I’m really impressed by the pictures! That’s exactly the type of photos I was looking for! I’m really excited. Thanks again! Nice work!”
Meggie, Grand Rapids

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