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Reflections by Rohne Grand Rapids MI

Thank you for your interest in photography services by Reflections by Rohne. Please provide the information below so that we may contact you to talk about your photography needs and desires. The best way to start the process is a phone conversation, so be sure to include your phone number. We look forward to talking with you and learning how we can fulfill your hopes and dreams for amazing photographic art!

1985 Stanford Drive SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49508

By appointment only

FANTASTIC! AMAZING! EVERY TIME!   My highest recommendations for this photographer. We booked multiple years out and are so glad we guaranteed her services. Her experience and expertise came in handy so that the whole day was nicely put together thanks to her work. Huge praise there. As the numerous family photos were being taken she was collected, organized, patient and kind and direct. I never felt like time was wasted, we could ask for the strangest photos and she’d try to make them happen. Her professionalism was so appreciated, and her presence made the day go by smoother.  She’s my recommendation all the way.
Kristen Petlicke, Auburn Hills, MI

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