International Women’s Day

Friday was International Women’s Day celebrating women in business all over the world. I am so thankful that I can operate my own business successfully. That is many ways is due to the influence of many business women in Grand Rapids, Michigan and around our wonderful country.  Here is my small tribute to the women… Read more »

A Wonderful Family

I just had the joy of photographing a wonderful family! Sarah called me about family portraits and we talked about her family. Little did I know from our conversation what a close knit family with amazing bonds between each of them I would meet. Gabriel and Sarah’s family came for our design consultation meeting, so I… Read more »

What Do Your Photos Say About Your Business?

I provide business/corporate photography to Grand Rapids and surrounding areas of Michigan. I work with you to capture your passion and the heart of your business endeavor to tell your story with photographs to the world, Michigan, your locale, potential customers, and your clients. “A so-so image can leave a mark that the company is not detail oriented, but a professional photo lends its… Read more »

Being A Wedding Photographer

Once upon a time … I photographed a storybook wedding set in a park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The sky was beautiful, as was the bride, and the groom handsome. A large wooden cross towered above the couple as if to show God’s blessing. Who wouldn’t want to photograph a wedding like that? Actually photographing weddings can be… Read more »

Would I buy this photograph?

A while back I watched a Creative Live Seminar with Canon Explorer of Light Award Recipient, Clay Blackmore. I didn’t get to watch too closely, but I enjoyed a Master Class with him in Italy a few years ago, so this was really review. I went back and reviewed my work since then and was… Read more »