A Wonderful Family

I just had the joy of photographing a wonderful family! Sarah called me about family portraits and we talked about her family. Little did I know from our conversation what a close knit family with amazing bonds between each of them I would meet. Gabriel and Sarah’s family came for our design consultation meeting, so I could meet the children and they meet me. We talked about what they liked best about their family, what they wanted in a family portrait, clothing for the portraits, and what to expect at our portrait session the following week.  The day of the portrait session the baby was a little fussy (poor guy being forced into unfamiliar surroundings and experiences!) but his mommy knew just how to comfort him. When I laid him down for a photo he didn’t look too sure about it, but as soon as he saw his daddy’s face, his whole demeanor changed. As the session progressed it was so obvious how each of the children adored their parents. We got so many wonderful images. 

We also had some fun. We pretended to be out in the cold snow, and then “poof!,” thanks to photoshop, they were. The kids also had new game player shirts, so we created some fun images with them also. 

Yes, they came asking for a family portrait, but I hope their experience is one that will be a special memory for a long time, and that each time we get together for new portraits our friendship continues to grow!