What Do Your Photos Say About Your Business?

I provide business/corporate photography to Grand Rapids and surrounding areas of Michigan. I work with you to capture your passion and the heart of your business endeavor to tell your story with photographs to the world, Michigan, your locale, potential customers, and your clients.

A so-so image can leave a mark that the company is not detail oriented, but a professional photo lends its credibility to the company that uses it. Image Branding is equally important. Your potential customers should get the perception, at a glance, that your company is ‘established’ and will be around for a long time. Consistent, clean, interesting and happy images certainly help.” ~ Randy Smith

When people look at my images – whether on the walls of my studio, at exhibits around town, or on my website – I want them to see emotion, creativity, and beautiful quality. If it’s a family portrait, I want them to see love between the members. If it’s a high school senior, I want them to see accomplishment and dreams. If it’s a newborn, I want them to see a cherished gift of God. If it’s a corporate photograph, I want them to see passion, ability, and commitment. What do your images show? Do you need an executive portrait in your natural setting (what photographers call an environmental portrait) or an amazing studio portrait? Perhaps you need public relations photography or editorial photojournalism?

Or perhaps your need is for product photography or advertising? Whatever your need, make sure your photos don’t look homemade. If you want clients who desire the quality service and product you provide, look professional!

What do your images say about your business?

Reflections by Rohne will tell your story through images that positively promote your business. Contact Connie to talk about your needs.